SureWash is an advanced hand hygiene solution for one of the world’s most pressing problems – the spread of disease in hospitals

The aims of SureWash are to vastly improve hand hygiene in hospital wards and to make training and compliance much less labour intensive. It was developed in Trinity College, Dublin

The SureWash product range helps hospitals to implement the World Health Organisation (WHO) hand hygiene improvement strategy by ensuring that hand hygiene training, evaluation and feedback is accessible to staff, 24-7. SureWash systems provide interactive reminders for staff and visitors and this helps everyone improve their hand hygiene.

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What the Professionals say

The device needed no training and staff used it unprompted…… 61 staff used it on the Cardiac ward over a weekend. Ann Higgins, Assistant Director of Nursing, Infection Control, Mater Private Hospital, Dublin, Ireland.

The drive to cut hospital infections like MRSA and C.difficile has been highly successful but, for continued success, we have to ensure that everyone in contact with patients is trained in correct and effective hand hygiene techniques and uses them every time they wash their hands. It should be second nature and that’s what this unit helps them to achieve. The beauty of SureWash is that it goes into wards and departments so that doctors, nurses and other staff can train and assess themselves when it is convenient rather than in a classroom at some set time.Linda Towey, the Trust’s Consultant Nurse in Infection Prevention and Control, Ashford & St Peter’s Foundation, NHS Trust.

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The Problems Facing Today’s Hospitals

There’s no doubt that hand hygiene is a significant issue in hospital wards, for both patients and visitors. In a recent paper on the efficacy of new tools to improve hand hygiene, these problems were made very clear.

‘SureWash significantly increased the number of poses per hand hygiene action and demonstrated good diagnostic capacity’

‘WHO recommendations exist for how to perform hand hygiene, but these are rarely monitored or included in performance feedback programs. This technique is based on European standards (EN 1500) and involves six distinct steps, or poses.

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