SureWash makes hand hygiene training and compliance much less labour intensive by combining an e-learning system with patented video measurement technology.

  • save time by providing e-learning on the wards
  • save money by reducing the labour needed to train and audit hand hygiene compliance.
  • save lives by reducing infection rates
Developed over 8 years in Trinity College Dublin, SureWash was trialled in Beaumont Hospital, Dublin and by the UK Dept of Health in the Mid Essex NHS Trust, UK. Hand hygiene rates per patient day increased by 156% and compliance with technique increased 703%.

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The device needed no training and staff used it unprompted…… 61 staff used it on the Cardiac ward over a weekend. Ann Higgins, Assistant Director of Nursing, Infection Control, Mater Private Hospital, Dublin, Ireland.

The SureWash program was the perfect solution for teaching our visitors proper hand hygiene techniques, but we knew it needed a little modification to work in an informal learning environment. The team at SureWash provided expert advice on how to tailor the program for use by the general public and they enthusiastically supported our efforts to blend a little Professor Wellbody style into this amazing medical tool. They were meticulous and collaborative about all aspects of the project, from scrutinizing shop drawings and graphics, to adjusting the cameras and lights, or tweaking the timing of the program. Having already witnessed some of our visitors using the hand washing techniques in our restrooms, we couldn’t be happier with the final product. Felicia Maffia, Exhibit Development Manager, Pacific Science Center, Seattle, USA.

Delivers hand hygiene training to the wards as a mobile e-learning cart that staff & visitors can use in their own time. Staff login using their ID cards to update their hand hygiene training records and the 24-7 operation means that it is easy to deliver hand hygiene training to evening and weekend staff.